Atmor instant electric water heaters provide hot water on demand in the most cost-effective and energy efficient way, reducing power consumption by up to 80%.

Saving You Money & Time

here are some of the ways that Atmor tankless water heaters cut your utility bills:

  • Heat only the water you need when you need it.
  • Heater is activated when the faucet is turned on, and heats water only while the faucet is open. No water or energy is wasted waiting for hot water to arrive from the tank supply.
  • Installed close to the point of use for instant hot water.
  • No water storage tanks or insulated piping required.

Saving the Planet

Atmor’s water heaters are ‘green’ – they last longer than the water storage tanks and most elements are recyclable. Being small and neat, our systems have lower transportation and storage costs, reducing the distributor’s fuel bills and carbon footprints. And with no water storage tank, you gain valuable space in your home.

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