Using Atmor water heater is the most optimal choice in these days of saving and efficiency, as it immediately produces unlimited supply of hot water, whenever you want it and wherever you need it, while maximally saving on the water and electric power .

Atmor – Instant electric water heaters start to work only by opening the hot water faucet. However, you can install our heaters also if there is only one faucet (not hot water faucet)

Researches made in the Israel Institute of Technology prove that Atmor instant electric water heaters saves up to 80% on electrical consummation compared to other water heaters.

Atmor water heaters are automatically activated only when hot water faucet is turned on and bring you Instant hot water, with zero standing heat loss as no water is stored.

Advanced water heater ATMOR HOME 905 provides you unlimited hot water, and offers the possibility to heat the water in the whole flat all day every day and for every house use in the most affordable cost. The heater starts to work only if the water temperature is under the desired temperature.

לפי מחקרים שבוצעו בטכניון נמצא שמכשיר אטמור חוסך עד 80% מצריכת החשמל בהשוואה לדוד חשמל.החיסכון נובע בעיקרו מגודל המכשיר ומשימוש מיידי, צריכת החשמל היא רק בזמן שהמכשיר מחמם.

Yes. There are models such as 405 and HOME 905 that measure the water temperature and adjust it to the desired temperature.Atmor 905 is installed at the home’s hot water point of entry, as water flows into the 905, the product measures the water temperature and, if necessary, automatically heats it to a preset temperature. The thermostatic control ensures that the entire household has a steady supply of hot water at exactly the right temperature.

Atmor instant electric water heater provides instant hot water as soon as demanded.

Our Model 405 keeps the preset temperature level for as long as demanded, which makes it safe to use even by children.

Atmor is one of the leading global manufacturers of tankless electric water heaters that deliver unlimited supply of hot water. Atmor shower heaters do not store water, and thus have no standing heat loss. Unlike the wasteful electricity and limited water supply of water tank, our tankless products are great savings in water and electricity.

With Atmor water heaters distributed in over 40 countries, we comply with all relevant international standards, including BEAB, UL, TUV, IP 44 (anti-splash protection), CB, CE, and ISO 9002. Our systems are tested and certified by third-party labs to check they hit every quality target.
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